Check Out Our List Of Celebrity Tax

We took a closer look at some of the celebrity tax issues in the media.

Check Out Our List Of Celebrity Tax

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Today is tax day, and if you’re like us you were up all night filing for a extension. Haha, just kidding! We had our dad do it months ago. One day we’ll be real people and figure out how all those forms work…But we take comfort in the fact that some celebs are just as bad about all that IRS stuff. So maybe there’s hope for us, afteral!

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A huge number of famous folks have had their share of big problems courtesy of Uncle Sam. Some like Sharon Osbourne and Lindsay Lohan (we imagine) were simply too busy, while others spent far too much of their cash on marble burial tombs (looking at you, Nic Cage). And chances are you won’t be owing well into the six (or even seven!) figures like these guys.

So if you’re nervous about tax season, just be glad you’re not these poor celebs! Check ‘em out as we count down some of the worst tax disasters in Hollywood history.

More celebrity tax stories to come!