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Last-Minute Tax Tips, Deadline: April 15th
Published April 13th, 2014

GAINESVILLE – Families all over North Central Florida are scrambling to find documentation for their incomes and any expenses they have made throughout the year that may be deductible– remember the deadline to file is April 15th.

You may have done it or you may have not– We’re talking about filing your taxes.

“This year the internal revenue service did say that their online filing is up a little bit but we kind of feel like the last couple of days there is a lot of people who have put it off,” Nancy Strampello the manager for the H&R Block in Butler Plaza, said.
One of those people is Gainesville resident, Tonya Sherman. I am usually a last-minute type person because unfortunately I am not like a lot of people where I get this big lump some money back. So usually I end up owing, so I do it myself and I find it more better for me to do it that way,” Sherman

However some experts aren’t condemning the procrastination but rather encouraging it. Joe Mastriano a 40 year Certified Public Accountant from Austin, Texas says requesting an extension to file, not to pay will give you more time to make your return accurate and reduce the chances of getting audited.

“Get that extension in, it’s good until October 15th and prior to that, the end of august beginning of September they make available all the information they have on you, w2’s, 1099’s, k1’s,” Mastriano said.

According to a new Associated Press-GfK poll, 58 percent say completing a federal tax return is easy. Thirty-eight percent don’t agree and say it’s hard.

“No it’s pretty easy, just go online and you put your information in and it pretty much does what you want it to do. Just make sure you’re recording everything, and then that way everything should come out fine.”

According to the IRS, 90 percent of filers either pay a tax preparer or use computer software to help them fill out their returns. There are apps out there that can make the process of filing taxes an easier one. For example IRS2GO, it lets you check the status on your refund and tax records.

Strampello says that this year the IRS is focusing on identity theft and tax fraud. “Make sure you go to reputable, may sure you get your tax return explained to you. Make sure you guard your social security number viciously, if you haven’t done your taxes.”

If you’ve already filed, H&R Block has a service where they take a second look at no charge.

“I am going to beat deadline this year and I usually beat deadline every year. So just get your taxes done and do what you gotta do,” Sherman said.

Finally, take a breath. It’s just one day. Nearly 140 million taxpayers get through tax day every year. You will, too.

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