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Sixteenth Amendment Not Properly Ratified, Thus The Federal Income Tax Laws Are Unconstitutional

Sixteenth Amendment Not Properly Ratified – So Federal Income Tax Laws Are Unconstitutional? This argument is based on the premise that all federal income tax laws are unconstitutional because the Sixteenth Amendment was not officially ratified, or because the State of Ohio was not properly a state at the time of ratification. This argument has […]

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Non-Apportioned Income Tax Not Authorized By The Sixteenth Amendment

Non-Apportioned Income Tax – The Law And Some Relevant Case Law Some assert that the Sixteenth Amendment does not authorize a direct non-apportioned income tax and thus, U.S. citizens and residents are not subject to federal income tax laws.The Law: The constitutionality of the Sixteenth Amendment has invariably been upheld when challenged. And numerous courts […]

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