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Alternative Minimum Tax – Killer Strategy

This tax is intended to target individuals with a high gross income, usually higher than $75,000, who are subject to deductions from state and local taxes, incentive stock options, sales and property taxes, miscellaneous itemized deductions, etc. Alternative Minimum Tax Calculation The AMT has different tax rules for determining your income taxes and calculating your […]

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Fund Investments Killer Professional Advice For The Taxpay

Fund Investments – Mutual Funds If you decide to have your money invested in mutual funds, you may take into consideration the tax income you may pay for the transactions made inside the fund.The mutual funds has a fund manager, a professional, who trades the fund’s investments in accordance with the fund’s investment objective. The […]

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Non-Qualified Stock Options For Employees – Killer Advice

Many companies decide to grant their employees with the option to purchase shares of a stock. You may choose to exercise this option and expect a potential increase in value of the stock. Non-Qualified Stock Options Agreement The difference between the fair market value and the non-qualified stock option priced initially offered through your employer […]

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