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Tax Deduction For Advertising Killer Expense

If you own a business, you may receive a tax deduction for advertising expenses. Tax Deduction For Advertising – Allowable Expenses You may deduct under business expenses: The cost for promotion activities, sponsoring local events, special events,etc. The cost of institutional and goodwill advertising. For example, the IRS allows you to deduct the cost of […]

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Business Travel Expenses Deductions – Killer IRS Solutions

Business Travel Expenses Deductions – Know What You’re Doing To Stay Out Of Trouble. If you travel for business purposes, you are entitled to claim travel expenses deductions. The IRS allows you to claim any ordinary and necessary expenses incurred while you are away from home, attending a business meeting.Travel business expenses are 100% deductible. […]

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Kiddie Tax Form 8615 – Killer Explanation

The strategy of shifting income from higher tax brackets (tax rates) to lower tax brackets allow many taxpayers to reduce their tax liability. You may be able to save taxes transferring income to your children or other family members that you are supporting financially. Kiddie Tax Form 8615 – Eligibility   The IRS imposed new rules […]

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