Joe’s Credentials

During my career, I have obtained the following degrees, licenses, and credentials.

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude (High Honors) in accounting from S.U.N.Y at Buffalo, N.Y.
  • CPA – Certified Public Accountant since 1980
  • CFP – Certified Financial Planner
  • Stock Broker
  • CTA – Commodity Trading Advisor
  • Rotary International Member

    Financial Broker licenses such as:

  • Investment Advisor
  • General and financial principal
  • Numerous financial courses including any IRS matters topics I can find.


    Over the last 38 years Joe has helped people resolve their most difficult tax matters. He has also helped many people overcome their issues causing them to not file, owe taxes, be audited, and in general, not feel the joy and excitement they did when they first started their profession or their business. Joe says that poor accounting records, unfiled returns, overpaying taxes, allowing yourself to be audited, and feeling that your job or business is a chore, are symptoms of something much greater. He says “let’s put an end to this now. Let’s fix what’s wrong and let our professions (jobs) and businesses be an empowering force in our lives”. Call us now, before the IRS gets to you first.

    “If you’re not in control, someone else is!”

    If you have a business, I can help you manage it, while avoiding being a victim of the IRS, your customers, or yourself. Then the fun starts. Call me at 713-774-4467 and let’s discuss what is possible.